Review: Dragon Diamond Glass

Review: Dragon Diamond Glass

The Diamond Glass is Dragon Glassware‘s best-seller, a striking tumbler that is designed to, well, tumble.

You’ve probably seen glasses like this before: It doesn’t sit upright, but rather rests at an angle — on one of the glass’s eight beveled edges. It makes for a dashing and original vessel, but it also makes me awfully nervous to use. I simply don’t trust myself not to spill when setting it down or picking it up. And, naturally, this type of glass can only be filled roughly 1/3 of the way, lest the contents dribble out the top when you set it down. And finally, the angled base and acute-angled walls makes any in-glass mixing difficult; you can’t muddle an Old Fashioned here. All of that makes the Diamond Glass best for neat pours, not cocktails.

All of those caveats aside, as with the Dragon Martini Glass, the glass makes an immediate statement when you set it down on the bar top. Save it for that dusty bottle of Pappy and your special guests —  but only if they’re exceptionally sure of their grip.

B+ / $30 for two / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

Dragon Diamond Glass




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