Review: Flora Springs 2019 Soliloquy and 2017 Merlot

Review: Flora Springs 2019 Soliloquy and 2017 Merlot

Two summery releases from Napa’s Flora Springs, including a strange vintage of Soliloquy and a not-strange release of the Napa Valley Merlot.

2019 Flora Springs Soliloquy Napa Valley – Soliloquy is named after Flora Springs’ proprietary clone of sauvignon blanc (blended here with chardonnay and malvasia). This 2019 takes the core of the sauvignon blanc grape and breaks it straight over its knee. Incredibly sour and rather bitter, it’s loaded with notes of lime peel and Cape gooseberry, exuding unripened citrus, jasmine, and tart, green berry notes. The finish is layered with a strange element of spice, veering wildly from toasted cinnamon to coconut husk. Quite bitter on the conclusion. All told, it’s a wine that grows on you, but only a little. C+ / $50

2017 Flora Springs Merlot Napa Valley – Soft but wholly approachable, this 100% merlot piles on black cherry and plum notes, filtered through a sieve of chocolate and baking spice. The semisweetness endures into the finish, which sees notes of vanilla, dried blackberries, and some blueberry notes, all whipped into a fruit-heavy lather.  B+ / $35

2019 Flora Springs Soliloquy Napa Valley




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