Review: Tequila Partida Single Barrel Reserve Reposado – Medio

Review: Tequila Partida Single Barrel Reserve Reposado – Medio

Partida Tequila is getting into the single barrel action, launching three different limited-edition reposado bottlings, each designed to “explore the versatility” of the style. Per the company, “Ligero offers notes of fresh agave, maple syrup, toasted oak and caramel; Medio provides flavors of cooked agave, vanilla and butter; and Intenso, dried fruit, nuts and coffee. Each profile offers different levels of color intensity, flavors and aromas while staying true to the agave.” 30 barrels total were produced — barrel numbers are noted on each bottle label — and each was aged a minimum of 6 months.

We received a sample of the Medio bottling for review. Thoughts follow.

Medio claims to have a focus on agave and that is evident from the get-go, as the nose is pungent with green agave, punched up with notes of white pepper. A slight, honeyed Sauternes note is evident, giving the nose a certain sweetness.

The palate finds a similar character, heavy on agave with ample pepper, followed by a vein of salted caramel and vanilla, dark chocolate, and some peppered bacon notes. The finish is sharp and quite young, coming across with a youthful, agave-heavy kick. Hints of Mexican chocolate linger on the back end.

It’s a nice change of pace for Partida, but my hunch is that this tequila is best enjoyed alongside its two brothers in order to more clearly suss out their unique differences.

80 proof. Reviewed: Barrel #15.

A- / $55 /

Tequila Partida Single Barrel Reserve Reposado - Medio




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