Book Review: Drink London

Book Review: Drink London

Euan Ferguson’s Drink London: The 100 Best Bars and Pubs certainly seems to live up to its name. I’ve never been to any of these joints, but I can assure you when I get to town I’ll be carting this slim volume with me (or at least copious notes from it).

Updated from its last version with 14 new venues, the book is handily split into chapters based not on location — there’s a map for that — but what you’re interested in, be it craft cocktails, beer, local flavor, or historic boozehalls.

The book is stuffed with photos — some helpful, some less so (lots of shots of people drinking alone, photographed from behind) — to the point where there are more pictures than text. If you’re the type of person that picks where to eat based on a photo of the restaurant, this is a book for you. For the rest of us, tell Ferguson how you’d like to drink and your general location, and he’ll set you straight.


Drink London




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