Review: Krater Noster Gin

Review: Krater Noster Gin

Krater Noster Dry Gin is made in Bavaria, Germany, and a small bottle of this gin — not available in the U.S. — was gifted to us by a friend of the site, visiting from overseas. The gin draws its name from its unusual source of juniper berries: The edge of a local meteorite crater, the Nördlinger Ries. Says the brand: “The harvest is arduous, it takes about an hour before we have harvested 500 grams of berries from the prickly shrubs.” Other botanicals include pear, lemon peel, and rhubarb.

The gin isn’t available in the U.S. — but has solid availability in Europe. Thoughts follow.

The nose is focused squarely on juniper — this may be from Bavaria, but it’s London Dry stylistically. A note of clove and some of the trademark earthiness of London Dry gin is also evident — with a stronger squeeze of lemon peel (veering sometimes into lime peel) as it develops in the glass. The palate is a showcase for the fruit, and the pear and lemon notes are both palpable. (I would have pegged the pear element as dried apple, but can see the slight difference since I know what I’m tasting.) Spices impact the finish — nutmeg and cinnamon, with a touch of mint character, a surprise.

It’s not overwhelmingly complicated, but the fairly limited elements in the gin work well together, which makes for a versatile and wholly enjoyable experience. Use it in a tall drink or a martini.

93.8 proof.

A- / €37 /

Krater Noster Gin




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