Review: Bitter Girl Bitters – Batch One, Bitter Rose, and Pear Jordan

Review: Bitter Girl Bitters – Batch One, Bitter Rose, and Pear Jordan

I encountered Sonoma’s Bitter Girl Bitters at a recent event at Hanson of Sonoma, where they were paired with the company’s vodkas and whiskey in a variety of cocktails. I brought some home to try. Thoughts on a trio of products follow. (Pro tip: Shake well before using.)

Bitter Girl Batch One Bitters – A spin on orange bitters, presumably Bitter Girl’s first product (before they realized they needed more descriptive names). Ingredients include oranges, tangerines, vanilla beans, and pomegranates, plus various spices and bittering agents. Really lively stuff, with plenty of sweet orange up front and a nice kick of cinnamon before the moderately bitter punch comes to bear. There’s a distinct floral element here that may or may not work with your cocktail, so plan accordingly. Reviewed: Batch #17. B+

Bitter Girl Bitter Rose Bitters – Made with rose petals, hibiscus, and lavender, namely. Much more bitter up front than I was expecting, with a heavy note of floral potpourri. I get the rose elements most clearly. Heavily bitter character aside, the flower elements really dominate and can quickly overwhelm a cocktail, even in small doses. This is one for a very deft hand at mixology. Reviewed: Batch #10. B

Bitter Girl Pear Jordan Bitters – A curious mix of pears and a wide range of hops, plus various spices. Far less strange than it sounds, with a really engaging, fruity nose. Fresh, almost jammy, pear notes and a punch of cinnamon lead the way to a moderately bitter palate that doesn’t immediately evoke hops until the very end. By then, some spiced pears return to liven up the party. Don’t be afraid of the hops: These bitters are quite versatile, and not at all IPA-like… and they’re good enough to enjoy straight! Reviewed: Batch #4. A-

each $18 per 2 oz bottle /

Bitter Girl Batch One Bitters




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