Review: St. Elder Pamplemousse and Blood Orange Liqueurs

Review: St. Elder Pamplemousse and Blood Orange Liqueurs

St. Elder makes a perfectly delightful (and less expensive) alternative to St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Now St. Elder is back with a line extension of two new exotic liqueurs — pamplemousse (grapefruit) and blood orange. Let’s check them out.

St. Elder Pamplemousse Pink Grapefruit Liqueur – This hazily translucent and lightly pink liqueur certainly looks like grapefruit juice, and the aroma, while a bit boozy, hints at the iconic fruit. That said, some off aromas reminscent of leather and canned fruit take the nose in a slightly strange direction. The palate is much clearer and on point, a semi-sweet/semi-sour experience that captures the bite of grapefruit, albeit gently. Slightly salty at times, it otherwise keeps the focus quite laser-like on the fruit, with hints of nougat and melon on the finish. 40 proof. B

St. Elder Blood Orange Liqueur – Blood orange is tricky, and St. Elder’s expression doesn’t immediately connote the complexity of the fruit, at least on the nose. Aromatically it comes across with more of a tangerine character, bold with sweet orange notes, and quite bracing with sweetness. The palate is overflowing with sugar, and that’s equally evident thanks to its ultra-stickiness should you spill any. As it develops on the tongue, it becomes almost candylike — intensely orange with a slight lemon edge, though again hard to pin down as “blood orange” specifically. The finish is equally sharp and sweet, never inauthentic. Use in lieu of any triple sec. 70 proof. A-

each $19 /

St. Elder Blood Orange Liqueur




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