Review: Portland Brewing Portland Lager

Review: Portland Brewing Portland Lager

You know how some high-end restaurants will take something mundane, like a hot dog or a meatball, then deconstruct it and put it all back together again so that it approximates the original, only with ultra-luxe ingredients?

Here’s the beer equivalent of that, a microbrew knockoff of classic American lagers (a la Budweiser). Portland (Oregon) Brewing’s Portland Lager comes complete with a pale gold color, fruity/grainy nose, and anonymous can design. It’s a malty, cereal-heavy lager, cracker-crisp with plenty of toast and a very mild bitterness. The fruit hints on the nose never quite make it through to the palate, but if a dry, biscuity experience is what you’re after — and you don’t want to evoke Clydesdale horses — Portland Lager fits the bill.

4.7% abv.

B / $9 per six-pack of 16 oz cans

Portland Brewing Portland Lager




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