Book Review: The Mixology of Astrology

Book Review: The Mixology of Astrology

Looking for elevated cocktail recipes? You needn’t look past the title of Aliza Kelly Faragher’s The Mixology of Astrology to know you’re not getting it here. Still, it’s a quirky enough idea to at least merit a flip-through if you’re zodiacally inclined and wondering if there are cocktails that pair better with your star sign.

Let’s consider your writer (a Virgo) as an example. My chosen cocktails kick off inauspiciously with a lowbrow 7&7 (“truly a match made in heaven,” per the book), a pedestrian drink which doesn’t really fit the persnickety perfectionism of the Virgo persona. More promising suggestions can be found in the cable car (a spice-laden rum drink), margarita, sazerac, and the mint julep, which is indeed one of my favorite cocktails. But the beerita? The mudslide? The grasshopper? Some of these don’t really fit the Virgo bill. Some I wouldn’t touch under any but the most desperate of circumstances.

Faragher packs quite a number of cocktails into this slim tome, and for $10 you’re getting a pretty solid value in raw cocktail recipes. The catch? If you have even a passing interest in mixology, none of these beverages are likely to be new to you, and having a fairly random collection of cocktails categorized not by primary spirit or alphabetical order but by the star sign of the ideal drinker strains its level of usefulness.


The Mixology of Astrology




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  1. Cangey on February 7, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    In 1974 the “Southern Comfort Corporation” did something similar in booklet form. For us Virgos: the Cold Toddy. “Virtually unanimous with Virgos!” I think I’ll have to pass…

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