Review: Egan’s Centenary Irish Whiskey

Review: Egan’s Centenary Irish Whiskey

The Egan’s Irish Whiskey brand has been on a tear of late — and made a surprise appearance as our #2 top whiskey of 2019 with its Legacy Reserve II bottling. Now Egan’s is out with a new edition built to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the passing of co-founder Henry Egan, “a spirit merchant, bonder, and bottler who made his mark on Irish history as a leading figure in the struggle for an independent Ireland. His fighting spirit lives on through Egan’s Centenary, an expertly crafted blend of single malt and single grain Irish whiskey, limited to just 5,995 bottles world-wide.”

The NAS whiskey is, as noted, a blend of single malt and single grain spirits, “blended in XO Cognac casks of French Limousin oak.”

In contrast to the Legacy Reserve single malts, Centenary is definitively a step down in excitement. The nose kicks things off with a sultry blend of wood and tea leaf, masking much of the sweetness that lies beneath. This comes through on the palate, where a big note of brown butter, honey, and brown sugar awaits. Behind that, a significant note of forest floor and mushroomy earth grows in pungency. The finish is malty and a bit green, with more mushroom and brown butter notes mingling fitfully.

In the end, it’s pleasant enough, but it never comes close to reaching the highs of some of Egan’s more exciting recent releases.

92 proof.

B / $100

Egan's Centenary Irish Whiskey




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