Best 10 Signature Wedding Cocktails

Best 10 Signature Wedding Cocktails


Thinking about organizing your wedding bar? Here’s a collection of fun and delicious signature wedding cocktails that are sure to be a hit on your big day.

One important aspect of your wedding planning should be the drinks to be served at your wedding reception. And one of the best wedding ideas for wedding drinks, ever, is a signature cocktail. While you will be busy with many other parts of your wedding, like the dress, venue, catering, and entertainment, it is not a good idea to overlook your bar and the drinks.

Put some thought into it and consider a little more than wine and beer. Signature wedding drinks are where it’s at, and you want to give your guests the best. These wedding specialty drinks with fun names and a variety of flavors are the best thing to include on your drinks menu, and Wedding Forward concurs. Another way to add your personal touch to your wedding is to follow us for tips, ideas, and inspiration for creating the best specialty cocktails for your big day.

Best 10 Signature Wedding Cocktails

  1. Orange Gina Cocktail

Tops on our list of wedding signature cocktails is this cocktail of citrus and gin infused with rosemary. The right bartender or mixologist will be able to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and color for an elegant drink to add to your wedding bar.

  1. Blueberry Mojito

If you love blueberry as much as most people do, then you will enjoy this twist on the regular mojito just as much as your guests. For a touch of something blue at your wedding reception, consider this fruity mojito made with fresh blueberries. A nice change from the minty option.

  1. Lavender Infusion

For a spring wedding, you will surely love this bubbly lavender infusion. Create this fun drink by infusing your champagne with floral lavender. You can even accessorize by adding sprigs of purple to each champagne flute. If purple is one of the colors of your wedding theme, even better.

  1. Watermelon Refresher

An absolutely lovely cocktail for a wedding reception, especially in the summer, will be this watermelon refresher. Combine this seasonal fruit with strawberry, vodka, ginger, lime, and a touch of basil for the perfect thirst quencher on a hot wedding day.

  1. Caribbean Mist

Another great option for summer, if you need signature cocktails for a destination wedding by the beach, consider this turquoise beauty. Made from pineapple juice, mango rum, and soda water all in equal parts and a dash of blue Curacao, this drink is just as gorgeous as it is delicious.

  1. Champagne Mojitos

Use two great drinks to create the cocktail of your dreams. This two-in-one cocktail combines rum, sugar syrup, mint, and Angostura bitters like the regular mojito, but topped with champagne. Why drink a regular mojito when you can make a sparkling one?

  1. Rum and Coke Minis

Personalize your wedding cocktails as much as you want. Serve a good old Cuba Libre by mixing rum, coke, and lime, but in mini coke bottles for your guests. The perfect non-traditional wedding cocktail for the win.

  1. Pineapple Peach Vodka

For signature vodka drinks, we have the pineapple peach vodka. Sometimes known as the pineapple peach vodka slush, this can be made in a myriad of ways. The perfect custom drink for a party, you can also give your guests these as party favors to drink on the go. Mix frozen peaches with peach juice, banana, and vodka, and you have the most beautiful drink for a fun-filled wedding reception.

  1. Pretty in Pink

Another refreshing summer drink is this option of pink Sparkling Rosé, combined with vodka and orange liqueur (triple sec). This being just one way to make it, there are quite a number of recipes for this fun drink. A great choice for an outdoor wedding, it can be garnished with raspberries, and the finish is a pretty pink wedding cocktail.

  1. Bathtub Gin

If you love the classics, retro and old school, then you might appreciate this reference to the prohibition era. Instead of serving in bottles, infuse gin with your choice of fruits and bottles in mason jars. For some more creativity, serve in a bathtub filled with ice. You can’t get more ingenious than that.

The joy of signature cocktails and wedding drinks is that you don’t have to pick only one. For a more fun and colourful drink selection, choose the options that best resonate with you and replace their names with more creative and personalized titles. You could also serve your guests in customized glasses with their name on them, so they find a reason to take them home to remember your wedding. You could also add drink tags to your signature wedding drinks, with words like “Just Married” on the tags.

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