Review: Underground Herbal Spirit

Review: Underground Herbal Spirit

We’re taking another spin with Utah-based Ogden’s Own Distillery and looking at perhaps its most intriguing product, an herbal amaro called Underground.

The nose immediately evokes a likable, Jagermeister-like elements of raisins, mulling spices, cardamom, and a significant licorice character. The palate continues the theme, pouring on the licorice and giving it a spin via a touch of chocolate and hints of mint and red fruit. There’s a bold clove note that provides a substantial herbaceous punch, with a moderated sweetness growing on the tongue over time. The finish finds more lingering herbs and raisins, but it’s the licorice that’s the last to go.

It’s easy-drinking but soothing like any good amaro, and available for an outstanding price.

80 proof.

A- / $15 /

Underground Herbal Spirit




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