Book Review: The Dead Rabbit: Mixology & Mayhem

Book Review: The Dead Rabbit: Mixology & Mayhem

The Dead Rabbit is a famed bar in New York City, and like all famed bars the time has come for it to put out a book of cocktails. (Correction: This is their second book.) Naturally, as leaders in the craft cocktail space, owners Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry (and bar manager Jillian Vose) couldn’t just do the usual collection of recipes. They had to do something entirely unique, presenting the book as a graphic novel — which is how the bar’s menus are written, just on a much smaller scale.

Roughly 100 recipes are included, each paired with a page of full-color graphics that tell the heavily fictionalized/super-heroified story of John Morrissey, the Irish gang leader who ran The Dead Rabbits in the 1800s. The cocktails are in no particular order, but the story is, so you can read along while you peruse the drinks.

As ultra-craft concoctions, if you find a martini or a margarita in this book you can be sure it’ll be filtered through a heavy sheen of mixology magic. You’ll need to bring your A game and prepare your tarragon syrup, sunflower orgeat, and eucalyptus tincture before you start grabbing for bottles.

As for the cocktails themselves, the recipes are as enchanting and immersive as any great cocktail bar menu should be, and I look forward to adding many of them to my home bar repertoire. Someone pass the genmaicha tea syrup!


The Dead Rabbit: Mixology & Mayhem




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  1. ApplejackTAC on January 5, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    For the record, this is their second book. They already released a more traditional (i.e. non graphic novel, recipe format) cocktail book a few years ago. You actually reviewed it here:

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