Review: 2017 Lucienne Pinot Noirs

Review: 2017 Lucienne Pinot Noirs

Lucienne is a sub-label (not really a second label) of the Hahn Family Wines brand, and here we find Lucienne in three acts, all hailing from the Santa Lucia Highlands. Compare to last year’s reviews and, spoiler alert, you’ll find everything’s backwards.

2017 Lucienne Pinot Noir Smith Vineyard – Moderate body, plenty of fruit. Cherries and ripe strawberries give this a youthful, almost sassy quality. There’s a little watermelon Jolly Rancher here, but as the finish evolves so does a current of earth and leather, with a pinch of spice across the top. Less “serious” than expected, but enjoyable. B+ 

2017 Lucienne Pinot Noir Doctor’s Vineyard – This is a more iconic, traditional representation of this region’s pinot noir, moderately rich with notes of stewed fruits, tobacco leaf, and some spearmint notes. A touch of clove hits on the otherwise fruit-forward finish. A- 

2017 Lucienne Pinot Noir Lone Oak Vineyard – Doughy and meaty, this is by far my least favorite in this lineup. The palate runs to bacon-wrapped Omaha Steaks and there’s no fruit here to speak of. A dried plum and blackberry note on the back end at least hints that there’s some brightness hidden deep within. It’s not showing today, though. B-

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2017 Lucienne Pinot Noir Doctor's Vineyard




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