Review: Busch Beer and Busch Light

Review: Busch Beer and Busch Light

We’ve spent a lot of digital ink on the products of Budweiser, so why not branch out into some other ultra-mainstream brews? Like Busch? Yeah!

Busch recently partnered with the Big Buck Hunter video game to support wildlife conservation efforts, complete with a custom can that features a bevy of bucks just begging to get shot. These are limited edition packages, though if it comes in a 30-pack, I’m not sure how limited it can possibly be. Anyway, although these beers are “brewed for the outdoors,” I’m reviewing the two man Busch offerings (Busch Beer and Busch Light) from my desk. Thoughts follow.

Busch Beer – Gossamer thin, and quite fizzy. No big surprises in this ultra-light lager, which offers notes of crackers and a squeeze of lemon. The slightest hint of alcohol gives it a beer-like construction, but forget what you’re sipping on and you could think it’s seltzer — the good news being there is absolutely nothing offensive about it — or notable, really. 4.3% abv. C [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Busch Light – Surprisingly, there’s a stronger, maltier nose here, and the body feels bigger and more aggressive than the standard brew. That said, this is still a straightforward and lifeless lager without any real uniqueness to it, and the fresh cracker notes of standard Busch are replaced here by a somewhat more vegetal, mushroomy character. On the plus side, a squeeze of lemon helps to keep things at least somewhat lively and more obviously beer-like. 4.1% abv. C [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

each $8 per 12-pack /

Busch Light




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    You don’t know good beer ol son

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