Review: Copper & Kings Riding with the King Brandy

Review: Copper & Kings Riding with the King Brandy

Copper & Kings can’t quit with the funky brandy bottlings, the latest being this Elvis-inspired expression, Riding With The King.

Nope, it’s not made with peanut butter, bacon, or Quaaludes, it’s a brandy finished (for roughly half its life) in red wine barrels. Details:

The brandy is just over five years old, with 29 months of maturation in juicy King Estate Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre French oak barrels that are 228 liters/60 gallons in size. This followed an original 32 months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The distillate is 100% Muscat de Alexandrie, and double-distilled in Copper & Kings’ Vendome copper pot stills in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky. As with all Copper & Kings’ American Brandy, the spirit is non-chill filtered, with natural color and natural flavor, unadulterated with boisé or caramel color.

No idea what that has to do with Elvis Presley but anyway, let’s taste it.

Copper & Kings’ brandies often have a punch of camphor and Mentholatum, and Riding with the King is no exception. While pretty and pink in the glass, it has the funk of young whiskey — vs. brandy — though it’s not as pungent with the youthful exuberance of some C&K brandy releases. Notes of fresh flowers, some raisin,  The palate finds a quick rush of wine-driven tannin, with notes of rosemary, bittersweet chocolate, and a heavy layer of potpourri and perfume. The red wine barrel has more than a little influence here, the chocolate notes and a touch of red fruit hanging on for the finish.

As with other C&K brandies, it’s young stuff but there’s a certain rustic charm — and plenty of uniqueness — in the glass. Worth a glance at least before, you know, you leave the building.

108 proof.

B / $65 /

Copper & Kings Riding with the King Brandy




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  1. Scott on December 11, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    Damn. Now I want some Quaalude infused brandy.

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