Review: Reed’s Ginger Beer Extra Zero Sugar

Review: Reed’s Ginger Beer Extra Zero Sugar

Want the spicy punch of a proper Moscow Mule without the sugar of the typical ginger beer? Try the sugar-free version of Reed’s Extra, which is made with twice the ginger of Reed’s Original ginger beer. The punch of the extra ginger is helpful at covering up some of the “proprietary natural sweetener blend,” which includes stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit, and which has that unmistakable saccharine edge of many a sugar substitute. The finish oddly finds lots of lemon in the mix, and it lacks the lingering ginger-heavy bite I was expecting. Still, for a no-cal mixer, it’s got enough going on to recommend at least keeping a few bottles on hand for those looking to shed a pound or two.

B / $5 per four-pack /

Reed's Ginger Beer Extra Zero Sugar




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