Review: Gregarious Gin

Review: Gregarious Gin

We’ve covered a couple of spirits from MISCellaneous Distillery in the past. Today we turn our attention to the Maryland-based operation’s gin, Gregarious.

What’s most notable about Gregarious is not its botanical bill — which includes six ingredients, none disclosed — but rather its distillate base, which is made from Domino Sugar molasses.

Let’s give it a try.

Like juniper? Like herbs? Like a heavy earthiness in your gin? You’ve got it here with Gregarious, which is aromatically dusty and dense, with a sharp licorice character amidst notes of thyme and black pepper. The palate is, put simply, a bit strange, with notes of green herbs, more licorice, and Brussels sprouts. What starts off savory becomes even more so over time, leading to a finish of sage, incense, and sandalwood. Heavily pungent through and through, it’s a gin that laughs at your need for balance and says you’ll drink your herbs and like it.

80 proof.

B / $40 /

Gregarious Gin




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