Review: Golden Moon Gin

Review: Golden Moon Gin

Golden Moon Gin is the eponymous gin from Colorado’s Golden Moon Distillery. (We covered its Kummel previously.)

There isn’t a whole lot of information about what’s in the bottle except this snippet of data about the product:

Golden Moon Gin is distilled using the finest herbs, spices and botanicals available, including wild-crafted mint and juniper berries, and locally grown herbs and botanicals from the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Golden Colorado. Compared to other artisan gins, Golden Moon is unique and distinctive. It has a highly floral aroma and a gentle refined taste. It is smooth enough to drink neat and bold enough to mix well with other spirits, making wonderful cocktails.

It is indeed a bit divergent from expectations. The nose hits first with lavender — quite strong — then shows off notes of eucalyptus, mixed green herbs, and, to a lesser degree, juniper. The immediate impact is something akin to walking into a spa for a massage, and just smelling this gin makes my shoulders feel sore. The palate again brings that lavender note to the immediate forefront of the palate, to the point where it feels almost soapy, like laundry day. The floral/herbal elements are enduring but ultimately manageable, with notes of rosemary and cinnamon sugar emerging after a time. The finish is slightly sweet but firmly in the floral/perfumed realm. As I write this, I’m still belching potpourri.

Certainly: It’s a gin for a very specific taste.

90 proof.


Golden Moon Gin




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