Review: EraVino Premium Horn Wine Decanter

Review: EraVino Premium Horn Wine Decanter

Riedel makes some dramatic, eye-catching decanters, like its iconic Amadeo Decanter, a swooping horn that takes the wine in on one end and dispenses it from the other. The catch: It’s $349… and that’s on sale from the $499 list price.

What if you could have a decanter that was almost as pretty, and it only cost $39.95? That’s the draw of the EraVino Premium Horn Wine Decanter, which is a surprisingly good-looking, high-end homage to its more expensive brethren. I’ve been using the EraVino for weeks and not only does it work well at its job — aerating wine — it also makes a statement. If I have any complaint with the specific design, it’s that it can be a little tricky to get wine into the decanter without spilling a bit, but a little practice helps you get it down. Cleaning isn’t hard, but I’ve mainly just been using several rounds of water to clear it out rather than trying to scrub it with some kind of tool. The double openings at the top also help it to dry fairly quickly.

For under 40 bucks, it’s not so precious that I’ll put it on a shelf and never use it the way I would with a $349 hand-blown objet d’art that I was afraid to touch. At the same time, the last thing I’d want to do is break the decanter. The amount of glass to clean up would alone be truly daunting.

All told: This is a great gift option for the wine-lover on your list. Just don’t let on about how much you paid for it. Take the credit.


EraVino Premium Horn Wine Decanter




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