Review: Stone Notorious P.O.G. and Farking Wheaton w00tstout 2019

Review: Stone Notorious P.O.G. and Farking Wheaton w00tstout 2019

Stone Brewing’s latest seasonals are here, including the always engaging release of the Stone + Fark + Wil Wheaton collaboration, w00tstout (which we’re trying from cans for the first time). Note the change in recipe, as outlined in the review below.

Stone Notorious P.O.G. – This Berliner weisse style ale is flavored with passion fruit, orange, and guava — “POG” in the parlance of those familiar with Hawaiian juice delights. More sour on the palate than I was expecting, it’s the guava that really kicks here, lending plenty of its earthy yet overripe funky flavor to the brew. The quite tart body and low alcohol level give it kind of a sour soda character, with a finish that is reminiscent of orange juice that’s been in the fridge a few days too long. 4.7% abv. B / $16 per 6 pack of 12 oz cans

Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout 2019 – As usual, this is stout brewed with pecans, wheat, and rye, but this year only one quarter is aged in bourbon barrels. That has resulted in a slightly more approachable beer and one that’s lower in alcohol, too (11.5% abv. vs. the previous years’ 13% abv). Nevertheless, it’s rich and lush, full of notes of cocoa, nuts, figs, and fresh coffee — though it maintains a touch of the fizzy vibrancy of a glass of slightly lighter porter. The finish keeps the molasses notes in check just enough to allow for a touch of bitterness to creep in. That’s a good thing, and even in its new incarnation, this remains a solid wintertime sipper. Reviewed from 12 oz can. 11.5% abv. A- / $10 per 22 oz bottle

Stone Notorious P.O.G.




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