Review: Well Told City-Themed Glassware

Review: Well Told City-Themed Glassware

Got local pride? Show it off with your selection of drinking vessels, thanks to Well Told’s new etched glassware, featuring maps of top U.S. and global cities. It’s a simple idea but it makes for a really cool highball or pint glass. (Though I’m less enamored with the idea of putting this kind of treatment on a wine glass.)

Whether you just want to remind your guests what town they’re in or collect various glasses to mark the major cities of the world you’ve drank your way through, it’s a fun way to add a little visual garnish to your drinking experience.

Visuals aside, the glasses are sturdy and well built, and they handle the dishwasher just fine.

A- / $18 and up (rocks glass) /

Well Told City-Themed Glassware




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