Review: Hayes Parker Reserve Bourbon

Review: Hayes Parker Reserve Bourbon

This “Reserve” bourbon is by and large a Total Wine exclusive, mostly sold by the 1.75-liter handle for $20 a jug. The “100% genuine, small batch” juice comes (of course) from TerrePure.

For 12 bucks per (750ml) bottle (that’s 80 cents per shot), I have to say I’ve had a lot worse at this price level. Boldly sweet an unoffensive, the nose is indistinct, with faint notes of milk chocolate, Resse’s peanut butter cups, and blunt wood staves (or, probably, powdered oak). The palate is soft, candylike and lightly fruity, with more chocolate, Butterfingers (candy theme in full effect), and straightforward wood notes all coming through reasonably clearly. The finish leaves a hint of strawberry on the tongue, and then it’s gone. It’s so innocuous, you could probably make a Cosmopolitan with it and no one would be the wiser.

There’s nothing elevated in Hayes Parker, but it’s largely inoffensive, wearing its dessert-like fruitiness squarely on its sleeve. I don’t think it would be out of line to, say, make a punch with this, or serve it with cola to your brother-in-law… but only assuming payday’s in the distant future.

90 proof.


Hayes Parker Reserve Bourbon




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