Review: Popi’s Finest Rum

Review: Popi’s Finest Rum

Popi’s Finest Rum isn’t made in the Caribbean or South America, but is rather the product of MISCellaneous Distillery (aka MISC Distillery), which can be found in Mount Airy, Maryland. MISCellaneous makes gin, whiskey, vodka, and a trio of rums, one of which — Popi’s Finest — we review here.

Per the company, “Popi’s Finest Rum … pays homage to co-founder Dan McNeill’s great-grandfather, who grew up in Cuba and serves as the inspiration behind the 600-day barrel aged spirit.” Let’s give this American rum, distilled from dark brown sugar and blackstrap molasses, a try.

The nose offers a slightly agricole-like character, earthy and herbal, with a sultry, leathery undercarriage. Dark brown caramel and some graphite notes pop on the nose as well. On the palate, the rum’s sweeter elements take hold, offering a seductive layer of dark chocolate, plenty of caramel, and toffee. At 50% abv it’s (perhaps unnecessarily) hot, the alcohol dulling a finish the nods at herbs and a lingering spice component.

Popi’s is probably a bit much for straight sipping — tempering with water wasn’t very effective in my tasting — but would play well in cocktails where more power is required. In the rum world, those aren’t hard to find.

100 proof.

A- / $60 /

Popi's Finest Rum




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