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Review: Cruzan Watermelon Rum

Cruzan’s latest flavor is one normally seen in vodka, not rum: watermelon. It’s a limited edition offering for 2019, with $1 from every case of rum sold (so, about 8 cents per bottle) going to the Island Spirit Fund. Per the distillery, “Cruzan Watermelon Rum takes the sweetness of a fresh cut, juicy watermelon, and balances that flavor with a hint of slightly tart watermelon rind for a clean finish.”

It’s always tough to keep a watermelon-flavored spirit from tasting like Jolly Ranchers, but Cruzan does at least a serviceable job at it. The nose is fairly saccharine and candylike, but the palate evens things out with, as promised, a hint of sourness that cuts through an otherwise very sweet experience. With watermelon plus rum you’re getting plenty of sugar in the mix, and I expect for most drinkers that’s probably exactly what they want for their warm-weather punches and other frivolous cocktail experiences. There’s not much nuance here, but if you’re looking to hollow out a melon and dump something inside, Cruzan Watermelon makes for an appropriate start to that endeavor.

42 proof.


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  1. Nancy Elaine Hayes September 25, 2020

    what can I mix with watermelon rum to me drinks


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