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Review: Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale (2019) and Bel Air Sour

Uber-hot Brooklyn Brewery has two new offerings on the table, including a summer seasonal and a year-round sour. Thoughts on both follow.

Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale (2019) – A “sunny pale ale” per the label, Brooklyn’s seasonal Summer Ale is as simple, light, and approachable as the name suggests. Lots of lemon lights the path, making for a rather tart attack before gentle, rolling waves of grain become dominant. The beer is lightly peppery on the finish, giving it a brisk liveliness that’s perfect for hot weather (or hot food). 5% abv. B+ / $11 per six-pack

Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Sour – Big lemon and grapefruit notes give this sour a refreshing character, though there’s plenty of acidic bite on the back end, with a slight sour milk character to it. A hint of pineapple adds some intrigue, but the lasting ultra-sour, overripe-fruit-like finish overwhelms any sense of actual beer at the base of this. (Surprise, there are two types of hops in the recipe!) “Party tartly,” as the label says. No joke. (Also try: Mix 5:1 with Aperol or similar to make an impromptu Spritz!) 5.8% abv. B / $9 per six-pack


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