Review: NV Blue Nun 24K Gold Edition

Review: NV Blue Nun 24K Gold Edition

Blue Nun has a sparkling wine? With gold flakes in it? Your wishes have been granted, America: If you want to roll like a baller without having to shell out for Armand de Brignac, good old Blue Nun can get the job done for a little more than a ten-spot.

What’s in this gold-encrusted bottle? Per the label, this is “sparkling grape wine with liqueur, gold flakes, and caramel color added.” All we really know about the wine is that it’s from Germany, and the finished product is a mere 11% alcohol.

And sweet it is: Lightly fizzy up top, the wine drinks with predominant notes of honey, lemon custard, and vanilla ice cream. The spike of the added sweet liqueur gives it a blunt booziness, although the low alcohol content makes for a perplexing dichotomy. The finish is heavy on the saccharine side, with a funky vegetal character on the back end.

All told, this is about as serious as I thought 24 karat sparkling Blue Nun would be — though it makes for a hell of a gag gift. (And it’s cheap.)

C- / $13 

NV Blue Nun 24K Gold Edition




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  1. olga landov on July 20, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    Hi amazing I bought 50 bottles super good taste divine will buy more was great price 9.99 Thanks

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