Review: Single Prop Original Rum

Review: Single Prop Original Rum

Single Prop is a new rum brand with a new way of doing things: Rather than proof its rum with regular water, it uses coconut water, inspired by a popular cocktail combo (coconut water and rum) among Caribbean locals.

Single Prop is careful to note that this is not a flavored rum a la Malibu: It’s simply replacing water with coconut water, making for a rather unprecedented spirit. The company makes its own coconut water, sourcing 10 month old coconuts from a Nicaraguan plantation, and blends that water on site with local Nicaraguan rum as well as imported rum from the Virgin Islands.

We got a bottle to sample. Let’s give it a try.

There’s a ton of buttery sweetness on the nose — think vanilla cake frosting — though if you weren’t expecting coconut you might not even notice it here. Rather, the impact of what feels like tons of sugar is much more powerful than any amount of coconut water can be. On the palate, well, it’s more of the same: a full-on onslaught of vanilla and white sugar, though at last some coconut influence comes into focus once the initial rush of sweetness begins to fade. That said, sugary sweetness is never far from grasp here, including a finish that we find fully loaded as it fades into a curious milk chocolate note. Unusual stuff, to say the least. Your mileage may vary.

80 proof.

B- / $20 /

Single Prop Original Rum




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