Review: Grand Mayan Reposado Tequila

Review: Grand Mayan Reposado Tequila

We first encountered Grand Mayan in 2016 and were reasonably impressed with its “Very Special” Lowlands tequila that was — uniquely — triple-distilled instead of seeing the usual double distillation.

Now Grand Mayan is expanding its footprint with a reposado version of the above. (An “Ultra Aged” expression, already on the market, has not been reviewed yet by Drinkhacker.)

Some details: “Aged in American and French oak casks for 6-8 months, Grand Mayan Reposado Tequila is smooth for sipping with notes of oak and chocolate. Grand Mayan Reposado is full on the palate and leads into a layered and delicious long finish. The tequila is packaged in a hand-painted, cobalt blue bottle that boasts 14-carat gold leaf lettering and embellishments.”

See: Even if you don’t like the tequila you’re at least getting some genuine gold on the elaborate decanter to help recoup your investment!

But enough with all of that, let’s taste.

As with Grand Mayan Silver, Grand Mayan Reposado is exquisitely — and this word is formally banned at Drinkhacker, but we have to make an exception here — smooth. It is silky and light, free of burn. It just glides down the gullet, a huge benefactor of that triple distillation process. And while the silver version is gentle with notes of citrus and a touch of pepper on the nose, the reposado replaces that with vanilla and a light touch of lemon — though neither make a significant impact until you dig into the palate. Here, a stronger caramel influence makes its presence immediately known, that vanilla lingering beneath alongside a smattering lemon/lime notes, with touches of green agave and aloe vera on the finish.

Like the blanco expression, the reposado is as light as a feather — but sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered, no?

80 proof.

B+ / $80

Grand Mayan Reposado Tequila




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