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Review: Wines of Left Coast Cellars, Summer 2019 Releases

We’ve covered the wines of Left Coast Cellars several times in the past, and today we’re taking a spin through some of the more warm weather wines of this Oregon winery, including a seasonal sparkler.

2017 Left Coast Cellars Queen Bee Bubbly Honey Tirage Sparkling Wine Willamette Valley – 100% pinot noir, for secondary fermentation the winery uses estate honey instead of other sources of sugar. The result is a pale pink sparkler, the use of honey coming through with surprising clarity. To be honest, that honey tends to overpower the delicate wine underneath, making for a somewhat earthy experience at times, masking the gooseberry and lemon notes underneath. The finish ends up a bit on the sour side. B / $36

2018 Left Coast Cellars Estate Rose Willamette Valley – This annually produced wine is a field blend of sorts, its composition changing year to year. For 2018 I don’t have any varietal specifics (yet), but the finished product is rather muddy, a blend of brown butter, guava nectar, grapefruit peel, and mixed white flowers — flavors that don’t always work well together. While modestly appealing as a summer sipper, there’s a fairly heavy, coconut-driven sweetness on the finish that makes for a somewhat cloying experience. B- / $24

2017 Left Coast Cellars Pinot Gris The Orchard Willamette Valley – Quite dry at first, with ample notes of lemon, grapefruit, and a bit of pineapple to add some sweetness. Lots of florals on the back end give the wine a rather perfumed character, with hints of coconut on the finish. B+ / $24

2018 Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir Willamette Valley – Astringent and tight, this volatile wine makes a rough first impression with notes of vinegar and and cooked lemon juice prominent. Greenery notes develop as the palate builds, which the tough, woody finish does few favors for. A miss for me. C- / $24


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