Review: Barrell Infinite Barrel Project Release #1

Review: Barrell Infinite Barrel Project Release #1

Back in early 2018, Barrell Craft Spirits introduced a completely new line extension, the Infinite Barrel Project. The inspiration for this one came from the ritual among many whiskey-lovers of keeping an “infinity bottle” containing the last dregs of otherwise finished whiskeys. While most of those bottles likely don’t end up tasting very good, Barrell wanted to honor the tradition in its own way with an ever-evolving blend of their own.

Barrell is quick to point out that this approach isn’t like the solera process used by the likes of Blade & Bow to preserve a fraction of the original whiskey in each release. Instead, Barrell is working to create something unique for every bottling, removing a portion of whiskey from the “infinite” vessel and replacing it “with other barrels that will complement the remaining blend.” Barrell superfans will be able to find out what whiskeys are in each release by using the bottle date to decode the details from their website. Our sample was from the third release in the project, but there have been 10 different releases so far. Our April 2018 blend was comprised of Tennessee whiskey, Tennessee rye, Indiana whiskey, 100% Polish malted rye, single malt scotch, single grain Scotch, Scotch whiskey, and Irish whiskey.

That’s quite the blend. Let’s dig in!

The nose on this one is true to its name. It’s big and bold and goes on seemingly forever. Top notes of vanilla cream, wood smoke, mint, and roasted walnuts give way to sweet cereals, pipe tobacco, apricot, and candied orange peel. I could go on, but we just don’t have that kind of time. The palate is somewhat less dynamic, but no less enjoyable. It’s light and creamy with notes of spice cabinet, cigar box, tellicherry peppercorn, and honeycomb. The finish is medium length and drying – perhaps some older whiskey or French oak is in the mix – and it dissolves into a syrupy caramel apple note. All told, it’s a very fun whiskey and unlike anything else I’ve encountered from Barrell.

117.5 proof.


Barrell Infinite Barrel Project Release #1




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