Review: American Anthem Vodka

Review: American Anthem Vodka

Diageo’s latest vodka is American Anthem, and with this spirit, the company says it will donate $1 for each bottle produced to support military personnel and families. The spirit is 5-times distilled but other production details are undisclosed, including any data about the base for the distillate.

All told, this is a fairly modern vodka, somewhat medicinal on the nose, a bit smoky at times, and touched by a brown sugar note. The palate finds more sweetness, with notes of lemon, cinnamon, and a hint of maple. The finish is fairly easy, the sweetness doing the heavy lifting and keeping the astringent notes well at bay. All told it’s a simple but perfectly credible mixer — and even if you don’t care about its good deeds, you certainly can’t complain about the price.

80 proof.


American Anthem Vodka




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