Review: Pyramid Curve Ball Summer Blonde Ale

Review: Pyramid Curve Ball Summer Blonde Ale

Made from a base of malted barley and wheat, this lightly hopped hybrid brew is Pyramid’s entry for summer 2019. Available in big 22 oz. bottles or standard six-/twelve-packs, you should find it on shelves now.

The chewy, bready palate offers touches of lemon and coriander, fading into a gentler, malt-driven character as the initial rush of fruit and spice fades. The wheat influence is particularly evident on the back end, where that brioche character really kicks in. The finish is far from complex, but it offers a light sweetness that melds well with the toasty, bready notes that linger for quite some time. Refreshing, despite a bolder body than you might be expecting.

5% abv.

B+ / $9 per six pack

Pyramid Curve Ball Summer Blonde Ale




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