Review: Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water (2019)

Review: Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water (2019)

Last year we reviewed a series of flavored sparkling waters from Mountjoy, notable because they are infused with 10mg of CBD (with a couple of versions infused with THC). Recently Mountjoy wrote to let us know they’d “refined their process,” and thus refined the finished product. Would we like to take a fresh look at the revamped CBD lineup? Let’s give these five expressions a try.

As a general note, all five of these expressions were quite fizzy, almost foamy, which was something I noted in passing in 2018. Flavors aside, my preferences run to a bit less carbonation than this.

Fresh thoughts follow.

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Natural – Initially a bit lemony, though those telltale terpene notes start to emerge as the beverage warms up. Generally pleasant, though I couldn’t finish a full bottle. B-

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Blackberry – Authentic, lightly sweet berry notes, particularly on the nose. These get rather lost on the heavily carbonated palate, though it’s never unpleasant. B

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Lemon Lime – This is a natural fit for cannabis funk, tempering those terpenes with a squeeze of citrus. As with most of the Mountjoy line, it could use more flavoring to brighten things up further, but as it stands, it’s quite agreeable. B+

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Peach – This flavor surprisingly engaged me this time around more than I expected. The peach notes are moderated and clean, not at all candylike or chemical-flavored as I saw in the last round. Ultimately it’s got just the right level of fruit to counter that CBD dankness. Probably my favorite in this lineup. A-

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Orange – A little muddy, without a clear citrus focus. The front of the experience is a bit woody, though the finish sees some lightly bitter orange peel notes. B-

each $55 per 12-pack of 16 oz bottles

Mountjoy CBD Sparkling Water Blackberry




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