Review: Wines of Flora Springs, 2016 Vintage

Review: Wines of Flora Springs, 2016 Vintage

Looks like we aren’t getting an early spring, so here are three big reds from Flora Springs to help get you through the remaining cold snaps in the coming weeks.

2016 Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley – 84% cabernet sauvignon, 11% merlot, 3% malbec, 1% petit verdot. Fresh red berries lead the charge on this approachable but vibrant wine, which showcases touches of chocolate, coconut cream, and a little bitter tannin before settling into a sweeter, more seductive groove. The finish is extremely berry-forward, scented with vanilla notes. Quite drinkable and engaging. B+ / $50

2016 Flora Springs Merlot Napa Valley – 100% merlot. A very pleasant surprise. This merlot is firing on (nearly) all cylinders, and while it lacks that delightful floral note that great merlots possess, it is lush with red fruit and berry notes, and the wine showcases light notes of white pepper, plus ample chocolate and vanilla. Fortunately, the sweetness is kept in check. A- / $35

2016 Flora Springs Trilogy – 86% cabernet sauvignon, 8% petit verdot, 6% malbec. An aggressive wine, loaded with blackcurrants and chocolate sauce, with overtones of pencil lead and forest floor. There’s quite a bit of tannin that catches at the back of the throat, giving the wine a certain bitterness that clashes at times with the fruit-forward attack. This culminates in an overly green, herbal character that offers notes of eucalyptus and a very dry, almost dusty finish that doesn’t quite satisfy (at least not at this price point). B / $85

2016 Flora Springs Trilogy




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