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Review: Rogue Batsquatch IPA and Outta Line IPA

Oregon-based Rogue’s first new mainstream releases are here, both available in versatile 12 oz cans and both available nationally by the time you read this. We tried ’em both!

Rogue Batsquatch Hazy India Pale Ale – “Batsquatch is a Hazy IPA dedicated to the half-bat half-sasquatch creature that, according to legend, resides in the woods on Mount St. Helens.” This is Rogue’s first year-round hazy IPA release. There’s more cereal on the palate than you might expect, the tropical and citrus notes typical of this style tamped down just a bit. Instead, the flavor comes across as a bit doughy, with a grassy, mossy edge to it. Keep digging and some of that fruitiness percolates to the top, but I get more applesauce and lemon than the typical tropical goodness of a solid hazy. 6.7% abv. B+ / $12 per six pack

Rogue Outta Line West Coast India Pale Ale – It’s back to basics with this west coast IPA, which pours on the dankness right out of the gate. Piney and a bit muddy, this is a workable example of the west coast IPA style, though without any truly distinguishing qualities that elevate it above an extremely crowded field. A chewy, chicory note dominates as the palate builds, clinging to the roof of the mouth. Fairly forgettable. 6.9% abv. B- / $10 per six pack

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