Review: NOD Products Bloody Mary Tree and Sangria Spoon

Review: NOD Products Bloody Mary Tree and Sangria Spoon

NOD Products markets a smorgasbord of stuff for the bar, kitchen, and even the gym. Today we look at two novelties designed with specific cocktails in mind… which we’ll explain in the mini-reviews below.

NOD Products Bloody Mary Tree – Ever want to recreate one of those $20 Bloody Mary cocktails, the ones with shrimp, bacon, or a cheeseburger attached to the top of the glass? Well, now you can. The Bloody Mary Tree is a lengthy, stainless steel spike with a point on the top and six alternating, angled spikes jutting up and out from the 7.5-inch long central stake at an angle. Just jab whatever you’d like on each one, whether that’s celery, okra, olives, or a slice of pepperoni pizza. (Just keep in mind that most of this stuff will be well below the water line.) The design works pretty well, and the spikes are rounded off so that you can’t easily impale your hand on them, drunkie. Sure, this is a cocktail gadget with an extremely limited utility, but if you really want to make a statement at Sunday brunch, it’s worth keeping on hand. B / $25 per four-pack / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

NOD Products Sangria Spoon – Ever worried how you would be able to fish the fruit out of a glass of sangria without spilling your drink all over? Neither have I — in part because it never really occurred to me to eat the fruit in my sangria, perhaps because there never seems to be much of it in my glass in the first place. If you’re the kind of guy that makes sangria that’s extra chunky, I can sort-of see the appeal here, although the Sangria Spoon has a couple of flaws. First, while the handle, at 8 inches, is suitably long, the actual bowl of the spoon is quite small. You could fish out a small berry or a little chunk of apple with this, but a large wedge of citrus isn’t going to fit well. Second, the slotted spoon idea is noble, it’s not any more efficient or less messy than using a regular spoon or — even better — a fork. Sangria Spike, anyone? C / $16 per four-pack / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

NOD Products Bloody Mary Tree




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