Review: 2015 Finca Decero The Owl & the Dust Devil

Review: 2015 Finca Decero The Owl & the Dust Devil

This wine from Mendoza, Argentina-based Finca Decero is an unusual blend of 39% cabernet sauvignon, 32% malbec, 19% petit verdot, and 10% tannat.

The cabernet and malbec carry the weight of the wine, bold with currants, volcanic soil, and black pepper. Lush and silky, that velvety cabernet body glides over the palate, leading to a finish that is lightly sweet, lightly spicy, and plenty fruit-forward. There’s a thread of floral elements here, driven by the petit verdot, but it’s understated, filtered through notes of chocolate and cinnamon. Lots going on, and lots to like.

P.S. There’s an augmented reality app connected to this label that lets you virtually visit the winery, which you can check out on the wine’s website below.

A- / $30 /

2015 Finca Decero The Owl & the Dust Devil




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