Review: Our/Los Angeles Vodka

Review: Our/Los Angeles Vodka

This is our fourth encounter with Our/Vodka, an Absolut spinoff that had the brave concept of making vodka not in a centralized, global plant but rather in small microdistilleries built in various cities around the world. While each distillery uses the same recipe (distilling from corn), each uses local ingredients and water to showcase the individual terroir of the spirit.

Previous reviews include vodka from BerlinDetroit, and New York. Now we look at the Los Angeles offering, which is described as “a celebration of the all that is iconic to this city and the LA lifestyle, and taking advantage of all there is to do here in Southern California.”

Let’s give it a try.

Immediately powerful and pungent on the nose, Our/Los Angeles smells a lot like an Old World vodka, loaded with medicinal/hospital notes and a slight petrol character. The palate follows largely in lockstep, heavy with herbal and astringent notes, with just a light touch of lemon peel and a bit of pineapple, which cuts it with a little fruit. With a punchy and chewy body, the vodka finishes clean but with a hint of charcoal, whisking away any sweetness in fairly short order.

80 proof.

B+ / $18 (375ml) /

Our/Los Angeles Vodka




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