Review: Wines of Left Coast Cellars, Early 2019 Releases

Review: Wines of Left Coast Cellars, Early 2019 Releases

Here’s a quartet of new releases from Oregon’s Left Coast Cellars, all ready for springtime sipping. (Spring’s coming one of these days, right?)

2017 Left Coast Cellars Truffle Hill Estate Chardonnay – Surprisingly thin, and very acidic, atypical all around for chardonnay. The palate sees some fruit in the form of melon, gooseberry, and apricot, but the body is too mild, almost watery, for any of it to make much of an impact. B- / $20

2016 Left Coast Cellars Cali’s Cuvee Pinot Noir Willamette Valley – A bit doughy and underwhelming, this somewhat tough expression of pinot is heavy on pepper and roasted meat notes, with its fruit dialed down and dried out. The dried cherry notes are a bit prune-like on the finish, weighted down with notes of bacon fat. B- / $24

2015 Left Coast Cellars Truffle Hill Estate Pinot Noir – Quite meaty, with a significant astringency. Hints of violets percolate on the nose, with loads of black cherry underneath, leading to a heavily cherry-laden palate. There’s a little vanilla in the mix to cut through some of the roast beef elements, but the finish feels somewhat harsh and a bit sour. B / $42

2015 Left Coast Cellars Right Bank Estate Pinot Noir – The highlight of this group is this bright and fruity pinot, which dazzles with notes of chocolate, sandalwood, and a layer of spice. Violets pick up as the finish builds, leading to a lightly herbal but overall quite sunny and fragrant conclusion. Easy to enjoy, but more complex than you’d expect. A- / $42

2016 Left Coast Cellars Cali's Cuvee Pinot Noir Willamette Valley




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