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Review: Rekorderlig Hard Apple Cider

Sweden’s Rekorderlig is known(ish) for its pear ciders, and now it’s out with a new expression built around the more familiar apple — this one with a “hard” twist. “Higher alcohol, lower sugar” is the sell here: At 6.5% abv, it’s considerably higher than the typical 4.5% or 5% abv that’s typical of the category. Crafted from a blend of apples and European spring water, it’s now hitting U.S. shores in cans.

Sure enough there’s crisp apple both on the nose and up front on the palate, tart and mildly sweet. That fades rather quickly, though, and a more raw, almost malt liquor-like, character starts to dominate. This is particularly evident on the nose, which starts off rather nutty but then becomes a bit pungent and fairly green as the cider warms up. Fortunately, the finish remains fairly bright, almost citrusy at times, with a green apple note lingering on the finish.

6.5% abv.

B- / $3 per 330ml can [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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Rekorderlig Hard Apple Cider



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