Review: Sol Mexican Beer (2019)

Review: Sol Mexican Beer (2019)

Eleven years ago I first wrote about Sol, and when a selection of bottles showed up on my doorstep, I figured it was time to revisit the brand.

As of 2019, Sol remains as light as a feather, a classic Mexican lager that looks and drinks like a ray of sunshine. Light granary notes mask a hint of peanut butter, with a slight lemony kick on the back end. The palate is just a touch sweeter than expected, with a gentle chewiness on the tongue — though the beer is less sweet than memory would suggest. The finish is where things start to crumble a bit, the beer coming off as a touch on the watery side.

Suffice it to say my palate has probably evolved in the last decade, and while I still look fondly at a bottle of Sol — how could you not, with the sun staring you down — I’d probably gravitate to a somewhat bolder Pacifico over a Sol longneck.

4.5% abv.

B+ / $8 per six-pack 

Sol Mexican Beer (2019)




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