Review: Bear Republic Thru the Haze and Drift Racer

Review: Bear Republic Thru the Haze and Drift Racer

Bear Republic finally gets on the hazy bandwagon with these two brews, both variations on the hazy theme.

Bear Republic Thru the Haze IPA – This more straightforward offering features Vic Secret, Citra, and Hallertau Blanc hops. Less tropical than the typical expression of this style, Thru the Haze leans on its west coast heritage and keeps things on the dry side, with plenty of pine notes creeping through a body that otherwise offers more grapefruit than pineapple. Easy to enjoy, however. 6.4% abv. B+ / $10 per six-pack

Bear Republic Drift Racer Hazy Double IPA – There’s more going on here in a double IPA made with Galaxy, Hallertau Blanc, and Huell Melon hops. An immediate note of chocolate is a surprise, but a boldly bitter profile quickly takes hold. The essence of “hazy” — tropical fruit — is also in there, but it’s buried behind some densely classic IPA notes — pine tree and citrus peel showing much more than pineapple. Drift Racer offers a very lasting finish which is quite chewy and, over time, a bit tough as it falls back on its IPA heritage. 8% abv. A- / $14 per six-pack

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