Review: Barefoot Spritzers

Barefoot doesn’t just make crazy cheap nonvintage wine. It also makes these “wine-based spritzers,” which are tiny single-serve cans of wine, seltzer, and flavorings, all canned at 5.5% abv. We’re hardly in the spritzer season, but consider bookmarking this for when the weather turns warm and a poolside gathering is in the cards.

Barefoot Spritzer Crisp White – Mild, very heavy with apple notes, quite sweet, and reminiscent of flat Squirt, with a kick of grapefruit and some pineapple on the back end. Harmless. B-

Barefoot Spritzer Moscato – A weird combination of sweet and herbal, lightly honeyed but otherwise not wholly memorable. With a grape jelly note on the finish. 

Barefoot Spritzer Rose – Grenache-based, this is a surprisingly peachy concoction, quite sweet but reasonably engaging. Again, very juice-like, and not at all reminiscent of any rose I’ve ever had. C+

Barefoot Spritzer Summer Red – A pinot-based blend, bold with strawberry and some mild raspberry notes. Vanilla and apple pie notes on the back end. Tastes like a juice box, and quite sweet. B- 

Barefoot Spritzer Red Sangria – The newest addition to the lineup. Self-explanatory, with some zin in the mix — obviously so. A much more bold-bodied beverage than all of the above, with an actual wine character to it. Bears a resemblance to sangria, with orange and berry notes in the mix, but with a much more strenuous finish. Surprising that it’s still at 5.5%. 

each $8 per four-pack of 250ml cans /

Barefoot Spritzer Moscato




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