Review: Bokksu Japanese Snack Box Subscription

Review: Bokksu Japanese Snack Box Subscription

Man cannot live on whiskey alone — even Japanese whisky. What one needs to go along with such delights are snacks, and no one does snacks better than Japan.

Bokksu is a new subscription service bringing you innovative Japanese snack products — well beyond the usual Kit Kats and novelty candies you find in other kits. These extensive boxes include a wide range of goodies. The one I sampled (the box for November 2018) included 10 different snacks, most in multiple packets, 17 in all, plus three packets of tea. The snacks ranged from rice crackers colored for fall to coffee cookies to the airiest cheesy puff you’ve ever tried. Many of the snacks are savory, which makes them pair quite well with wine, beer, and spirits.

A helpful guide that details what’s in the box and where it came from is included — but perhaps of most interest to the Drinkhacker reader in my sample box was an item that was completely unlisted: A collection of four jellied, mochi-like balls marked “Bourbon” on the package, intended to be eaten with an included plastic fork. Gooey, earthy, savory, and sweet all at once (clearly some red bean at work here) it didn’t really taste like any bourbon I’ve ever known, but it sure was fun to eat all the same.

At $39 per kit ($25 for a somewhat smaller one), with free shipping, it’s a pretty easy and not prohibitive way to get access to some unique snacks.

A- / $39 per month /

Bokksu Japanese Snack Box Subscription




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