Book Review: Beer Hacks

Book Review: Beer Hacks

Approaching anything in 2018 with the word “hack” in it (present URL excepted) is grounds for a raised eyebrow and a healthy dose of skepticism. The term has been transformed into a catch-all susceptible to excessive usage, or blatant misuse. While Ben Robinson’s Beer Hacks comes close to toeing the line a few times, it does so with a sense of self-awareness and humor quite uncommon in books about beer. Far too often, these volumes suffer from an abundance of too many self-serving anecdotes or a seriousness commonly reserved for steakhouses filled with octogenarians carrying on about the good ol’ days. This book is easily the exception to the rule.

Robinson offers up 100 tips which are surprisingly useful, complete with illustrations and captions that are genuinely laugh out loud funny. It’s a light and easy read ideal for folks just starting to explore the wide world of beer and the plethora of party tricks which accompany such a journey. Seasoned professionals might find some of these tips (Tip 16: Opening a Beer with a Lighter) familiar and redundant. And there are other sections (infusing beers, beer cocktails), which may not appeal to everyone. However, there are others (Tip 75: Make a Planter That Waters Itself) which are the stuff of true resourcefulness and invention, and are well worth the time to attempt them. Not all of these hacks will find a way into your arsenal, but the ones that do will make the required reading pay off long after the pleasure of reading this inexpensive book has passed.


Beer Hacks




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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