Review: Wines of Argentina’s Alamos, 2018 Releases

Review: Wines of Argentina’s Alamos, 2018 Releases

Our friends at Argentina’s Alamos have released their 2018 malbecs, which come in two levels, a standard bottling and the more expensive seleccion.

Some thoughts.

2017 Alamos Malbec Mendoza – Entry-level stuff, woody and earthy, with a significant eucalyptus note to it. Ample blackcurrant is offset by notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a lightly tannic but far from overwhelming finish. A very good value at this price point, but mind that you pick up the 2017 vintage. A- / $14

2016 Alamos Malbec Seleccion Mendoza – Quite gamy and thin, a shock of a departure from the surprisingly approachable standard bottling. Lots of wild meat and heavily earthy flavors here, with an overload of green pepper and mushroom. Rather leathery on the back end, and weedy at times.  B / $25

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