Review: Volcan de Mi Tierra Tequila – Blanco and Cristalino

Review: Volcan de Mi Tierra Tequila – Blanco and Cristalino

“Where the volcano erupts, a new tequila is born.” So goes the slogan of Volcan de Mi Tierra, a new line of luxury tequilas that have been flying a bit below the radar. Is the name too much to say? Or is it just a discovery yet to be made by tequila connoisseurs?

Either way, Volcan’s two expressions both hail from Lowlands agave (100%, of course). The first is a standard blanco, while the second is a “Cristalino” expression — aged tequila that has been filtered back to clear. There’s no information on the age of the tequila used in the Cristalino, however, though it is denoted as an anejo on the label.

We tasted both expressions. Thoughts follow.

Both are bottled at 80 proof.

Volcan de Mi Tierra Tequila Blanco – Bold, aggressive agave on the nose comes across as brusque, but soon notes of cherry, lemon, white pepper, and some florals all reveal themselves. Chewy and expressive on the palate, there’s much more citrus here, along with a spray of fresh herbs that give the tequila a lot of exotic zip on the tongue. The finish takes things in a slightly different direction, earthier and featuring more of a spice component which lingers delightfully for some time. Complex and compelling, it’s one of the best blancos I’ve had in years. Reviewed: Batch #4. A / $40 [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Volcan de Mi Tierra Tequila Anejo Cristalino – Much fruitier on the nose, with a cinnamon note and hints of mixed flowers. The palate is creamier, but also a bit more peppery, a sweet-and-spice combination that works together really beautifully. The barrel-driven vanilla-caramel combo is understated here, leaving room for a chocolate note and plenty of baking spice, though the sugar component is dialed down, letting more of the underlying agave shine through. The finish sees some coconut candy notes as sweetness works its way back into the picture, with just the slightest grind of black pepper to carry things out cleanly. Beautiful stuff. Reviewed: Batch #3. A / $65 [BUY IT NOW FROM THE WHISKY EXCHANGE]

Volcan de Mi Tierra Tequila Blanco




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