Review: Wines of Gia Coppola – #selfish, #overit, and #thirsty, 2018 Releases

Review: Wines of Gia Coppola – #selfish, #overit, and #thirsty, 2018 Releases

Don’t look now but there’s another Coppola family member making wine. This time it’s Gia Coppola (Francis’s granddaughter), who’s turning out three millennial-friendly bottlings with hashtags baked right into the names of the wines. Each is bottled in one liter containers, bears an artsy photograph on the front label, and is sealed not with a cork but with a crown cap, ensuring that once it’s opened, the contents must all be consumed.

All three of the wines — a white, a rose, and a red — are California-denoted blends. We tried them all. #thoughtsfollow.

2016 Gia Coppola #selfish White Blend California – 67% pinot grigio, 20% viognier, 5% pinot blanc, 4% vernaccia, 4% vermintino. Quite floral, with a pineapple character underneath. Some lighter lemon/lime notes emerge in time on a lightly acidic body, with a finish that runs to apricot, sandalwood, and white flowers. B+ / $14

2017 Gia Coppola #overit Rose California – Unstated composition. Surprisingly dry, with gentle fruit, mild florals, and even a touch of tropical character on the back end, where hints of mango mingle with a bit of spice. This is a really enchanting rose with a lot of complexity to it; a huge surprise that I never expected to find in a budget bottle like this. A- / $14

2016 Gia Coppola #thirsty Red Blend California – 50% cabernet franc, 25% syrah, 23% petite sirah, 2% cabernet sauvignon. A real mutt of a wine, this is a funky, sweet, and slightly sour wine that defies easy categorization. Initial notes of truffle offer intrigue, but an unripe plum note quickly takes hold, with blackberry notes (again, unripe) dominating as the finish approaches. Hints of violets, orange peel, and wet earth take things, well, all over the place. That said, it’s passable as a party wine. B- / $14

2016 Gia Coppola #selfish White Blend California




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