Cigar Review: Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

Cigar Review: Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

The good folks at Montefortuna Cigars have been gracious enough to supply us with a sampling of Cuban cigars to pair some of our favorite drinks in preparation for the forthcoming autumnal season. Think we should keep reviewing cigars? Let us know in the comments!

Jose L. Piedra Cazadores – Piedra has an unfair reputation for being a budget line Cuban cigar. Cut through the static and noise to reach the signal, and it’s easy to see why the reputation is a bit undeserved. There’s some inconsistency at the beginning with overpowering wood and burnt sugar alternating turns. However, once settled in after ten minutes there were lovely hints of pepper, incredibly dark chocolate, and toasted walnuts to savor all the way through. Clove and ginger turn up towards the end and the consistency sorts itself out eventually, but it requires a bit more patience. Still a great smoke, though.

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba


Suggested Pairing(s):

Spirits – Lagavulin 8 Year (2018) – Normally a pairing of such a peat-heavy scotch with a cigar could prove to be overwhelming. In this case the younger age statement of the Scotch, combined with the light-to-medium body of the cigar, tempers the usual heavy Islay notes of smoke and iodine. The Lagavulin brings out the spices and toasted nuts of the Piedra, keeping things interesting for a 45 minute session of relaxation. Not the best of the Lagavulin lineup — sessions with a 12 and 16 year old expressions were attempted for clarity and reassurance – but it is the most complementary pairing possible in this relationship.

Music – Grant Green – Funk In France: From Paris To Antibes 1969-1970
Recently released by Resonance Records for the first time, this is the first previously unissued material of the legendary jazz guitarist in well over a decade, capturing two live sessions in France. The two concerts highlight the versatility of Green’s performances, and present a wonderfully diverse session of pop and funk-influenced jazz during the first concert and a full on groove-heavy session of extended workouts during the second concert. The pick here is the first disc for pairing with the cigar and scotch, but both are outstanding listens in their own rite.

Jose L. Piedra Cazadores




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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